Grant Guidelines

The Foundation, started in 2008, provides bricks and mortar grants for capital improvements to projects that support women and families as well as capital improvements for economically and racially integrated childcare centers. Since becoming a foundation in 2008, FSHF has made grants totaling just more than 8.5 million dollars.

In support of this its mission, the Franklin Square House Foundation makes grants to housing and shelter organizations working to support women and families in Boston and the surrounding communities. While we focus our grant making activities primarily on projects providing transitional and permanent housing, we pay specific attention to organizations that provide supportive services appropriate for the populations they serve.

Threshold Criteria for Housing and Shelter Application

•Be a 501(C)3 not for profit organization

•Be east of a north/south boundary that runs from the town of Ashby on the north to the town of Webster on the south

•Have a current audited financial statement and be in sound financial condition

•Not have been funded in the previous 2018 FSHF grant year

•Be in good standing with existing Foundation reporting requirements

•Be ready to proceed with work within 90 days of a grant award (approximately 7/10/19)

Possible Uses of Funds:

Capital Projects for Housing and Shelter: The Foundation will make grants of up to $100,000 for capital improvements and repairs to projects that provide shelter to women or women and their children.

The Franklin Square House Foundation does not fund operating, expenses relating to grant administration, relocation or landscaping. Priority is given to projects that create of new units, rooms or beds or preserve existing units, rooms or beds through capital improvements that focusing on security, life safety, or building code issues.

The Foundation will fund requests for furniture fixtures and equipment, but please be aware that such a request will not receive a priority ranking ahead of requests for repairs related to health, safety, code violations or energy improvements.

Please review our listing of past grants to see the types of groups and projects we fund.


Each calendar year, we will offer one funding round for housing and shelter grants in the winter and one funding round for childcare grants in the fall. Housing applications normally come online in December and Childcare in June.

The 2019 Housing and Shelter Application is due Wednesday January 16, 2019 at 5pm.

Prospective grantees are required to contact the Foundation’s Executive Director prior to submitting a proposal. No proposals will be accepted without doing so.
Robert Goldstein, Executive Director, 617.312.3400